A great day had by all on our Ocean Diver training day at Capenwray last weekend. (4th Oct 2020) Dives ranged from first time in sheltered water to qualifying dives and Ocean Diver completion dives.

Well done Nicole!

One of our members Nicole, completed her Ocean Diver qualification with assistance from OWI Stella, but then went home and found out she had achieved a Distinction in her Masters degree on the same day…brilliant Nicole, well done on both accounts.

Well Done Louise!

One of our other members Louise ventured for the first time in sheltered water,….remember how daunting that was.. Some great experienced learned when hiring equipment…not everything is standard and doesn’t always fit. Louise was assisted by Mike Rickard D.O. So Louise was in good hands and there’s nothing that cant be resolved. Louise managed her first dive and did fantastic. Sometimes little set backs at this stage are great learning experiences for later.

Well Done boys!

Lee and Sam, ( dad n lad) assisted by Ken Hilton, completed some good skills on their dives and are almost ready to complete there Ocean Divers qualification. So good to see father and son doing stuff together. All the instructors said their students did really well, and you should all be proud of yourselves. As a club were proud of all our members and the hard work and commitment of everyone that makes these things happen