Snorkelling is great fun, easy to learn and an ideal way to build up confidence in the water.

For both children and adults, snorkelling is a great introduction to underwater sports and can be the first step towards scuba diving.

Snorkelling is a great introduction the wonders of the underwater world and perfect for families to enjoy together.
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If you have never tried snorkelling before then the best place to start is an Experience Snorkelling session with your local BS-AC club Sub-C-Divers.  Experience Snorkelling is a fun trial session in the swimming pool where your BS-AC instructor will introduce you to the basic snorkelling kit and skills.

Whether gliding through kelp to find tiny sea creatures or looking down at a magnificent basking shark, you can find some of the best snorkelling experiences around the British coast. 

From sunken wrecks to swimming with seals, the UK coastline has a vast and varied marine environment. From islands in the north, sun-kissed coves in the south and lochs in Scotland there’s so much, that snorkellers of all abilities, are spoilt for choice.

Basic equipment for snorkelling and training in a pool is just a mask, snorkel and fins.

The use of mask, snorkel and fins is included within the cost of training at Sub-C-Divers.

For those choosing to purchase their own equipment safe snorkelling requires quality equipment.  Low quality equipment that may have an attractive price but may fall down on comfort, effectiveness and durability should be avoided. 

Ideas for snorkel adventures in the UK:-

Swim with Basking Sharks-
Find these gentle giants off the coast of Oban in Scotland and in the warm waters of the Cornish coast
Explore caves and coves-

From Devon to Dorset the south coast is full of opportunities for snorkellers of all abilities

Go wildlife watching off the Welsh coast-

Puffins and porpoises can be found off the coast of Skomer Island, South Wales. 


This course is aimed at younger children and introduces snorkelling via a series of seven progressive fun in water sessions. Each session is named after a different type of dolphin, and completion of a session results in the award of the corresponding dolphin sticker. Once students have collected a complete set of dolphin stickers, they can be awarded the grade of BSAC Dolphin Snorkeller. Dolphin Snorkellers who wish to continue their snorkel training need only to purchase the Snorkel Diver manual and complete the Snorkel Diver classroom lessons and knowledge assessment to be awarded BSAC Snorkel Diver.

The minimum age is 6 years, the maximum is unlimited, but you must be able to swim and pass our initial competency test. at the pool.

There are classroom sessions to teach the theoretical knowledge of snorkelling, coupled with practical lessons in the pool or in sheltered water. The practical training is identical to the content of Dolphin Snorkeller. The training is structured and progressive, building skills and confidence


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