Best part of a year in the planning by OWI Chris Llewellyn. Chris puts on regular UK diving trips and always delivers a great experience. This year has been crazy with Chris’s plans being changed on a weekly basis. Our diving was booked with Indeep diving but our digs had to be changed due to the Covid situation. However in Chris we trust and in a matter of hours it was all sorted.

Big thanks to Chris Llewelyn for organising this great trip.

As the 12 divers ascended on Plymouth having hit a large amount of traffic on route making what is normally a 5 hour journey into almost 7 hours. Although some of the guys where sending Wattsapp pictures of a cold beer in the beer garden when in truth they were stuck in traffic just like us. 🙂

Here is what Chris O’Donohue had to say about the weekend.

We headed to Plymouth on the weekend of 18 Sept 2020.
12 of us, we stayed in a pub B&B.2 days .
On Saturday we dived the Scyllla , a shipwreck, 26 meters,
and the James Egan Layne,18 meters.

On Sunday we dived ,the Persier 31 meters ,and Fairylands reef 20 meters for the second dive. We had a great weekend.

At night we had meals together in the B&B- pub ,beers in the beer garden,
The diving was great with loads of fish and wrecks with plenty of history.
Great company and most of all a great laugh.

Editor – Thanks Chris O’D…. With the Covid restrictions still in place Indeep Diving provided 2 boats so that we could socially distance. There was a strict set of rules that we all adhered to and overall everything ran very smooth. and everyone was tucked up in bed by 21:30 on both nights.. Although we had a 06:30 start each day..

Wilt & Nick taking a usual Wilt selfie.. 🙂

Ricardo Allencar