Melissa Feeds the fish!

Friday the 23rd of August, I set off with Danny and Mandy for a spot of diving in Eyemouth. Mandy and I cracked open a bottle of champers as we headed off to Eyemouth, we had such a giggle in the car – you see diving isn’t just about the diving it’s the whole experience. 

We finally arrived at our accommodation and I have to say I booked a fabulous house called Balla, dropped off our bags and tucked into pizza then off to bed we went. 

Morning arrived looked outside and we were in for a treat 25 degrees, we met everyone from Sub C Divers at the harbour ready to kit up and load up the boat. As I approached the boat I was met by the local seals wow they are big and so friendly.  

My dive buddy Stella brief me on our first dive, as I’m an ocean diver nerves starting to set in, however, Stella is really good at reassuring and said that we will just take our time and have a nice relaxing dive. So we jumped in, however, I did need another kilo of weight. As soon as that was sorted we descended. 

The corals in Eyemouth are amazing you don’t expect to see such colourful corals in the UK. We got back on the boat and all of a sudden I felt sudden urge to feed the fish (seasick) haha sorry Mike S as he saw the whole thing whilst he was talking to me. I had a nice cup of hot Vimto and a brownie. Not to be beaten by the seasickness I wasn’t going to miss the next dive as this was at cathedral rock and I had been looking forward to this particular dive. So Stella and I did our buddy checks and off we went at first we couldn’t find it then all of a sudden there it was, so you dive underneath which leads you out to an opening wow!

We headed back to the boat and again soon as I surfaced started to feel the sickness again, yes again I fed the fish. Lorna gave me some seasickness tablets for the following day,  feeding the fish stopped. Such an amazing club everyone looks out for each other and you can have a laugh about it too.
That evening a few of us went for a curry such good fun listening to their diving stories.

 The following morning at 8am sun was shining we met everyone on the boat off we went, this time I was to lead the dive and we were searching for the allusive wolffish, I remembered diving over Chris and Lorna as they were looking in between some rocks, anyway off we went and came across a wall, unreal the colours of the corals, anemones and millions of brittle stars. 

As Stella and I got on the boat everyone was excited. Chris and Lorna had seen the wolffish and had a picture of this .. as Chris says he there’s no photo evidence it didn’t happen… I’m still waiting to see this picture!! just saying Chris haha… and then the next thing I heard that a few of the other divers saw a sunfish gutted I didn’t see this. 

The next dive was to find weasel lock and again I was going to lead the dive, but now with Danny as my buddy along with Stella and Nick stalking us… now before we went in Stella said she hates kelp anyway we all jumped in and descended .. kelp everywhere!!! So I thought I need to go a little deeper and come out of the kelp which I did and found weasel lock, nice sandy bottom… we saw a flatfish this which was so cool to watch with its little eyes watching you. 

We came out of weasel lock back to more kelp so I thought let’s go back in weasel lock as there were loads of sea life, crabs, lobster, flat Fish and we saw a shoal of fish not too sure what fish. The dive was coming to an end and Danny was to deploy the DSMB he did a great job this dive was 54 minutes really enjoyed this dive. As the boat was getting closer to the harbour the seals followed our boat,, what great ending to the weekend dives. A few of us after went for fish and chips and the famous ice cream yummy… 

Thank you Chris L for arranging such a fab weekend and everyone that came… great memories