This was the latest trip I had organised around Anglesey. Again planning around Neap tides. It was an early start, Bull Bay for 08:00 hrs. As this was a day dash for some they were up and out from home around 05:00 hrs😅… I had prepped the club rib the day before along with my kit. I awoke to a dark n grey sky, wind blowing around 4/5

This is going to be lumpy !!😕 As I set off I received a message from Gaz, along with a video clip, he was at Bull Bay already, it looked calm n flat “YESSSS” I thought.

My side was rough, which is why the planned dive was to go from the other side… As I was feeling cheered up I received a second video from Gaz. The first was taken looking about 15 feet into the bay obviously, it was flat, the second showed beyond that it looked rough n blowing still 😧. We all arrived at Bull Bay on time, there was no debate, the boys were all there kitting up IT’S HAPPENING !! result. The barrier is now locked open, free launch and recovery.

As Gaz was looking to increase his hours of boat handling, he was the coxswain. We got in, launched, put in the coordinates for The Kincorth, and off we set…

En route was very large swells, and gloomy, there were huge tankers off the coast, as we made our way out approx 6 miles from Bull Bay, Gaz looked across at the Tankers and said: “are we actually supposed to be here ?”… A confident “YES” WAS THE REPLY… but what do I know☺️

The arrival alarm soon sounded and we dropped our heavy shot, John had opted to cox from this point on, and we would dive as a three. Myself n Nick had done this wreck before, and know how stunning it can be. Gaz, was enthusiastic about it, when asked, he said “I’m s****g myself, but I’m doing it “!!! lol😂🤣.

We had an hour before slack, we pitched n tossed around until it was time to kit up, we could tell it was time, as we were all becoming “queasy”… Buddy check, let’s GO !! The best place to be at this point was on the bottom. We gave the “OK” to John and submerged. We followed the shot line down 30 m to the seabed… BOOM, bang on the wreck. Fantastic.

From here on in we did a couple of circumnavigations of the wreck. It actually had the bow blown off by a mine during the war… The bow lies a few hundred yards away. For us, we were diving the larger stern section. Beautiful… every inch covered in plumb rose, dead man’s fingers, huge jellyfish about, shoals of fish, bibb, massive lobsters etc. The prop is still visible as are other features like ladders and structure. There are a couple of little swim throughs, on the top and the anchors are there to be seen too. The dive was fantastic, all thoroughly enjoyed it, as we watched the ND creep up, we ensured the shot was free from the wreckage and made our ascent, a nice safety stop thrown in, before surfacing back on to the RIB and heading for shelter to Pilots Jetty for dinner and off-gassing.

GOOD POINTS – Organisation, planning, teamwork, the rib itself.6 m viz.experience, that distance in a big swell.

BAD POINTS – The cruel sea…..having laughed at Nick Losing his RNLI HAT on a previous trip… it took my Stornoway lifeboat bobcap on this one… I’ve had that for years…